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 Judging Criteria

Each submission will be judged based on its:

  • Ability to clearly and correctly demonstrate the importance of adjusting one’s head restraint*
  • Originality
  • Entertainment value
  • Production Quality
  • Audience Appeal and Relevance, ie. Whether the video is likely to inspire drivers and their passengers to adjust their head restraints

All entries will be short-listed by CIRPD staff. Short-listed entries will be judged by an external panel consisting of film/television production, marketing, and road safety experts.

*It is important that your video be accurate in portraying proper information about whiplash prevention. Here are some tips and resources to help:

  • Avoid depictions of neck braces, as they are not recommended for use with whiplash injuries.
  • A properly adjusted head restraint will be approximately 5cm away from the back of you head and the top will be level with the top of the driver/passenger's head.
  • View our Myths and Facts about Whiplash
  • Get more information on how to Properly Adjust a Head Restraint

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