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 Resources and Stock Material

Important Information

It is important that your video be accurate in portraying proper information about whiplash prevention.

  • Avoid depictions of neck braces, as they are not recommended for use with whiplash injuries.
  • Give correct information about how to properly adjust a head restraint
    • Is it high enough? The top of the restraint should be even with the top of your head.
    • Is it close enough? The restraint should be around 5 cm (2 inches) from the back of your head. Closer head restraints are twice as good at preventing injuries as those set too far back.

Stock Material

Below are some images that are available for free use in the creation of videos:


Video Examples 

Swiss Whiplash Prevention Video Campaign - While these videos are in a different language, you can see the way they portray the proper head restraint adjustment.

Seatbelt's as Family Protection - While this video is about seat belts, not head restraints, it is a very compelling safety commercial and is a good example of how to create something that relates to your audience and why they might consider safety first in their vehicle choice.


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