Whiplash Prevention Campaign

Whiplash Prevention Is Possible

If you’ve ever been in a vehicle collision, there is a chance that you may have experienced whiplash injuries. Whiplash injuries account for more than 70% of all bodily injury claims for vehicle collisions.

The Whiplash Prevention Campaign arose out of a desire to inform people of the pervasiveness of whiplash injuries, and to provide them with the tools to protect themselves from whiplash injuries. The most effective safety feature for preventing whiplash is your head restraint. Learning which vehicles have GOOD rated head restraints and then knowing how to adjust it properly can reduce whiplash by 35%.

Our new Vehicle Rating Database gives you the opportunity to assess the safety and green rating of your current vehicle as well as search for safer and greener vehicles if you are looking to purchase a new one. This provides you with an opportunity to improve your safety on the road.

We have gathered educational resources from a variety of trusted websites that can help you protect yourself and your family from whiplash. You can also glance through our Frequently Asked Questions on Whiplash.