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The Whiplash Prevention Campaign began as a part of a larger research project, Prevention: Reducing Occupant Injury in Rear End Collisions, funded by AUTO21 and lead by Doug Romily from UBC Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. The larger research project involves three areas of activity:

Prevention: Developing Strategies for Improved Head Restraint Use
Development of Automatic Head Restraint Positioning System – Future Vehicles
Development of Seat Whiplash Mitigation Systems – Future Vehicles

The goal of the overall project is to move from awareness of adjusting head restraints in your car, to designing a head restraint that will automatically adjust according to the height and weight of the passenger and finally to a full seat system that works to protect against whiplash without human intervention.

The Whiplash Prevention Campaign (WPC) falls under the first area of the larger project: Prevention. Our aim within the WPC is to raise awareness of how properly adjusted head restraints can reduce the chance of whiplash associated injuries by 35%. Since whiplash injuries account for approximately 26% of all injury claims from rear-impact crashes, there is an opportunity to make a huge impact on the safety of vehicle occupants.
Our Goals

The Whiplash Prevention Campaign aims to:

Increase awareness about the important safety role that a properly adjusted head restraint can play in reducing whiplash injuries.
Increase number of “good” vehicles produced by manufacturers and purchased by consumers.
Assess head restraint use in BC and effectiveness of programs.

Our Methods

Hosting focus groups for Fleet Managers & Occupational Health & Safety Officers to assess what tools and tactics would best help them make head restraint awareness a priority in the workplace
Developing our website with safety/green rating searchable database and further resources for both consumers and employers
Performing observational studies at public & stakeholder sites throughout British Columbia to gauge current head restraint adjustment practices.
Participation at professional and educational conferences, seminars, etc.